Coastal Wildlife Removal Services

Wild animals most commonly seek shelter throughout the cold winter months and during mating season (January-June). Wildlife will take shelter and nest anywhere that's warm - particularly your attic or basement. If you find yourself with an unwanted animal in your home, please contact a professional IMMEDIATELY. While some animals may look cute and harmless, they can be unpredictable and dangerous, and can carry a wide range of harmful diseases and parasites; please do not attempt to remove the animal yourself, leave this job to the trained professionals!

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Coastal Wildlife Removal provides efficient and humane animal removal services. We understand that from our customer's point of view, the animal is an intruder that needs to be evicted quickly and competently, However, while we do deal with nuisance animals, it is a huge misconception to assume that we do not care for their well being. We are huge animal lovers at heart and firmly believe in the catch and release philosophy. We will do everything within our power to ensure the animal's safety during the removal and release process.

Clean Up

Once the animal has been removed from your home or place of business, we provide complete bio-hazard cleanup, including residual food waste, feces, urine, and hair removal, disinfection, and sanitation to remove unpleasant odors. We are trained to properly and safely dispose of bio-hazardous materials according to OSHA guidelines and health regulations.This service is imperative in eliminating potential health risks associated with such contamination.

Damage Repair

Unwanted animals setting up residence in your home or business can cause significant damage including chewing of electrical wires -- leading to a potential fire hazard, destroyed insulation, torn roofing, and holes along the housing structure - which can act as points of animal re-entry. As part of our full service policy, we will repair any damage done by your unwanted guest, as well as install screening vents and/or chimney caps, and close entry holes in order to prevent other animals from re-inhabiting your home.

Preventive Services

Minor repairs can prevent significant future damage. A small hole in the structure of your house can provide a point of access for bats, squirrel, mice and other small animals to shelter in your residence. Contact our trained professionals today to inspect your home and seal these entryways before animal infestation creates more serious issues.

Dead Animal Removal and Deodorization Services

Dead animals inside your home can attract insects, parasites and other animals or spread disease. The smell associated with a rotting animal can be pungent and very difficult to eliminate. We can provide disinfection and deodorization services in order to rid your house of any lingering bad odor. We are also experts at effective treatment and removal of skunk stench.

We can work with your insurance company


Coastal Wildlife Removal will also coordinate with most major insurance providers in order to get your wildlife problem resolved as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Take action early! Prevention is the key in avoiding costly home repairs down the road.